Plumbing, Gas, Water, and Sewer Service Provider

At JED Plumbing & Gas in Sterling, VA, we pride ourselves in providing quality repair, replacement, and installation services for your water line, plumbing, and gas needs. With our team of licensed professionals, we assure you that we will deliver quality workmanship for various types of issues.

How We Started

Jed Mechanical Contractors Inc. d/b/a Jed Plumbing & Gas was founded in 1949 by Walter “Duke” Duquette.

The company was named after his daughter, Judith Elizabeth Duquette or JED.

Our company is a Minority and Woman-Owned Business (MWOB). We have experience in working on all facets of residential plumbing and gas service as well as carrying out commercial and government projects.

Sewer Service

We specialize in environmentally friendly sewer inspections, repairs, and restoration.
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Why Choose Us

• We have more than 60 years of experience. 

• We are known in our community for excellent services. 

• We provide exceptional customer service. 

• We care about the needs of our clients in every project.